These biometric finger scanners work with a variety of credentials including proximity, magnetic stripe and now HID iCLASS contactless smart cards, through its FingerKey DX-2200 model. HID iCLASS contactless smart cards store both the user’s ID number and fingerprint template on the card, eliminating the need to distribute templates across a network or require the access control system to manage biometric templates. This means integration to existing access control applications is greatly simplified and there are no additional network infrastructure costs. Because the template resides only on the card, the solution also eases individual privacy concerns. The FingerKey DX family of biometric access control readers provides low-cost biometric alternatives designed to secure smaller user populations. The FingerKey DX includes a keypad and LCD display. Expanded memory and Ethernet options are also available. Verification takes less than two seconds. The user simply enters a PIN code or presents a card, which calls up a template to scan or pulls the template from a smartcard. Then, the user places a finger on the FingerKey reader for verification of the template. Along with the new FingerKey DX-2200 iCLASS, Recognition Systems also offers the FingerKey DX-2000, which uses a keypad or external reader for template verification, and the FingerKey DX-2100, which has an integrated HID proximity reader. “Offering integrated HID iCLASS card readers makes our finger scanners even friendlier to existing and future electronic access control systems,” explained William Kennedy, Recognition Systems product marketing manager for access control. “The FingerKey DX-2200, along with our already proven HandKey II with integrated smart card option, provide greater security and biometric template portability for our hand geometry and finger scanning technologies.”