The Internet protocol (IP)- based platform enables application developers, system integrators, and OEMs to expand their system offerings by integrating network video and access control to address growing market requirements for converged security solutions. The platform will be developed and delivered as an open application programming interface (API). “Axis has always promoted an open standards approach for the integration of our products,” said Ray Mauritsson, CEO of Axis Communications. “Our relationship with HID emphasizes our desire to develop network-based products that help to resolve security and IT convergence issues while the market shifts from analog to digital video.” As the IT and security access control markets converge, this new platform will link previously disparate systems by enabling network video and access control systems to interoperate. In addition, Axis’ Application Development Partners (ADPs) will have the ability to integrate access control into their current video applications, while HID’s solution partners will be able to integrate video into their access control systems. “In response to the convergence of physical access control and IT, HID’s product development strategy will continue to focus on customers’ requirements for interoperability,” said Denis Hébert, president of HID. “HID clearly recognizes the role of IP-based devices for security and is partnering with Axis to ensure future product platforms will meet the open interconnectivity needs of the market.” Using the open standard from Axis and HID, application developers and OEMs will be able to build systems utilizing peer-to-peer communication, without having to communicate through a host server. For example, an event detected by the access control system will automatically trigger the network camera to record video. Other benefits include truly integrated video solutions where network cameras are directly linked via existing TCP/IP ports to access management systems for video verification using supervisory software or a central monitoring station. This new operating environment will offer a simpler and less expensive approach than traditionally linking analog video and digital video recorders. Axis and HID expect to announce availability of their jointly developed application programming interface (API) later this year.