Axis Communications already has a highly successful partnership with advanced networking and communications solutions provider Azlan, also part of the Tech Data Group. The market for IP-Surveillance has compound annual growth of roughly 30 per cent. IP-Surveillance market is ideal for SMEs looking to optimise their networking resources and minimise ongoing maintenance and management costs. The market is now moving from early adopter phase (primarily in schools and retail firms) into the mainstream market. Firms dissatisfied with the quality and costs involved in maintaining and extending traditional CCTV systems are now turning to IP-Surveillance systems in large numbers. Others are looking to use the technology to address compliance, security, efficiency, quality control and/or marketing requirements. General manager of the networking business unit, at Computer 2000, Lee Perkins, said: “IP surveillance is a very exciting market and is ideal for networking resellers looking to optimise their existing skills and develop new and profitable revenue streams. “We know that many of our resellers would like the opportunity to develop their business in this market – this agreement presents them with that opportunity and we’ll be doing all we can in the coming weeks to make it as easy as possible for them to do just that.” Dominic Bruning, managing director, Axis Communications UK Limited, commented: “Our long-standing, strong and dedicated commitment to the channel through the AXIS Partner Programme1 and now the AXIS Training Academy has been rewarded with this important partnership with one of the most important distributors in the UK and Ireland. It is now high-time that network integrators and resellers looked seriously at this market, it offers massive growth potential.”