By increasing the maximum data rate of the VIP X series to 30 frames/second, its MPEG-4 video offers virtually the same quality as the more expensive MPEG-2 video yet requires less than half the bandwidth, reducing data storage needs and overall system costs. Users also have their choice of different frame rates, ranging from one to 30, to optimize bandwidth and storage space. The new VIP X encoders deliver DVD-like picture quality. Because of their dual streaming capability they can provide two parallel digital video streams encoded with different video quality settings. The VIP X1 offers full motion video for a single camera, while the VIP X2 works with two cameras and offers greater convenience, cost-savings and ease of installation over one encoder for each camera. Both VIP X encoders also feature an ultra-compact design; fully interlaced video; alarm inputs and relay outputs; and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) control. Video can be received and displayed with a standard web browser or VIDOS video management software or on a bank of analog monitors using the new high performance VIP XD decoder. The cost-effective decoder features a robust MPEG-4 engine to convert high quality digital, up to 30 frames/second, into analog for viewing. The single-channel VIP XD, the most powerful in Bosch’s family of IP products, is compatible with all VIP and VideoJet encoders. The VIP X series is part of a line of IP network video products for video and audio streaming, recording, playback and archiving. Each product integrates with existing analog products and networks. This offers users substantial cost savings by preserving their existing investments. Bosch’s IP products can also be used to build complex digital networks or migrate from analog to digital one piece at a time, based on the user’s needs.