The increase in horizontal resolution is a result of algorithm developments in Bosch’s proprietary DSP technology. A new advanced algorithm compensates the loss of resolution that accompanies the introduction of color filters. The algorithm enables almost the full native resolution of the CCD chip to be realized. The enhanced cameras principally target professional surveillance applications that require ultra-high quality images for reliable person and object identification in challenging lighting conditions. This increase in resolution to 540 TV lines now provides particular benefits in applications demanding accurate character recognition – for example, vehicle licence-plate number recognition on roadways and at pedestrian crossings; monitoring point-of-sale transactions and cash tills, in retail stores, banks and casino cash transactions, as well as CCTV surveillance at airports, ports, city centres, passenger terminals, car parks, etc. The Dinion and FlexiDome cameras incorporate advanced video motion detection and the latest Dinion XF models feature true 15 bit video processing. The Day/Night models provide enhanced sensitivity in low light.