The step-by-step courses, which lead to DM Certification for each product, are designed to be taken at a time and pace which suits each individual. Once an individual is logged-on the Learning Management System keeps track of their progress so even if the session has to be stopped, they can simply log on again and continue the training from where they left off. “At DM we are committed to providing the best possible levels of support to our customers. We believe that the provision of effective training ensures that integrators and installers are best placed to unlock the full potential of the latest CCTV systems. “By setting-up this interactive training resource online, accessible to anyone who requires it, the flexibility is certainly there to respond to changing demands and we are confident, given our experience when they were trailed in the US, that there will be a large uptake for these courses. “Where any module is not completed successfully there is even the opportunity to go back immediately and re-take it, something which is not available with conventional training,” concludes Achim Hauschke, European Sales Manager at Dedicated Micros. The current modules are only the start. DM already has plans in place to expand the Learning Management System to cover an even wider range of its products.

To take advantage of the free Learning Management System simply visit the DM website at and click on the ‘Support’ section and then select ‘Online Training’.