AppVision can now completely manage CCTV cameras within the
same software application that controls all other elements of building
security and management. This provides additional features for
installers and end users: • CCTV cameras can be linked to
other types of equipment, such as an intrusion detector. The moment
that the detector is triggered, AppVision will automatically take
control of the relevant CCTV camera, which will be panned and zoomed to
the required position so as to video what is taking place. •
Command and control of CCTV cameras via the PC screen graphic user
interface. Users can choose which parts of the building they want to
view by clicking on screen. They can change building, floor, room and
have full freedom to manipulate cameras.• Using data from the Divar’s hard disk, AppVision can pull up recorded events on a monitor via the PC screen interface. •
Alarm events automatically sent to monitors. AppVision can link alarms
to CCTV monitors and thus automatically send live images to the main
surveillance control room monitor when an alarm event is signalled.
Security personnel will see the event taking place in real time and
react appropriately.