BQT has also met the vital TWIC protocol, which will be rolled out shortly in the United States. “For the past 2 years BQT’s technical team has worked closely with NASA in the USA to successfully develop BQT readers that work to the NASA protocol, being DES Fire based,” explains Genner. “DESFire technology allows 3DES (digital encryption standard) encrypted RF communication between a smart card and a smart card reader. “Also based on a DESFire standard, the US Government is implementing the TWIC (transport workers identity card) standard for access application into ports and airports in the USA. It’s estimated that more than 30 million TWIC-based cards will be rolled out over the next 18 months.” Genner said. “BQT has successfully developed its high security readers to meet the TWIC protocol and has had successful installation of its readers into the Port of Long Beach.” According to Genner, the significance of this implementation is important – it means BQT is at the forefront of the high security industry and can supply proven products to its global clients in government, defence and across the corporate world.