The announcement, made by company President Frank DeFina from Panasonic’s North American headquarters, states the formation of a new strategic working relationship with Milestone Systems for IP-based video systems integration. Panasonic’s relationship with this company marks Panasonic Security Systems’ new “open infrastructure” initiative aimed at establishing a higher level of cooperation with complementary specialized manufacturers and systems integrators. Panasonic is actively working with Milestone Systems globally to capitalize on the synergies between the two companies on an enterprise level. In North America, Panasonic Security Systems has been appointed a key provider on a dealer-direct basis of Milestone’s XProtect Professional and Basis+ software, which offer intelligent feature sets for viewing and recording 1 to 36 cameras per server. “The convergence of technologies enables the implementation of a diverse range of video systems ranging from the proven NTSC format to newly emerging IP-based security systems. “By forming strategic alliances with companies that offer innovative solutions, we can further expand our sales and marketing efforts to deliver highly specialized systems and support services to various markets. “With our new corporate-driven “open infrastructure” initiative, Panasonic Security Systems will capitalize on the expertise of companies like Milestone Systems to further extend the applications for Panasonic’s Intelligent Technology,” said Mr. DeFina.