In a significant move, the Australian Department of Defence is looking to standardise its access control solution across its numerous national sites. Having compatibility across sites is important to BQT clients as it allows the free movement of its staff between sites with one contactless smart card. The technology to provide this solution is to be supplied by BQT. To get to this point, we have been working with our client over a period of time and are looking forward to the installation of similar technology across other national sites as the new standard is adopted. We see this as a key indicator of the markets willingness to adopt contactless smart card technology over existing proximity card technology, taking advantage of its enhanced security and functional capacity. BQT is well placed to provide similar upgrade solutions to companies looking to make the transition to contactless smartcard solutions. BQT’s products are fully integrated. This is demonstrated by the recently released products including “Face in a Crowd”, “Point of Sale Fraud Preventor” and “Number Plate Recognition”. These products, alongside our existing range, pave the way ahead whereby BQT Solutions is the provider of SOLUTIONS in many areas.