The police joined forces with scientists from the Camborne School of Mines (CSM) in Cornwall to solve the crimes using the sophisticated mineral analysis technology – QEMSCAN. Commercialised through CSIRO’s Intellection Solutions company, QEMSCAN is the fastest, most accurate particle analysis tool in the world and is being used by police and scientists to analyse inorganic mineral matter, confirm where crimes occurred and link suspects to crime scenes. “QEMSCAN offers unique real-time result capabilities as quantative mineral data can be viewed while the measurement is underway,” intellection solutions manager Alan Butcher says. “The applications for use in geological applications are endless.” In addition to forensic geoscience, QEMSCAN is proving valuable in environmental geology, coal and petroleum mineralogy and archaeological research. CSM scientists are also using QEMSCAN to study airborne particles for evidence of contaminated dust and soil from quarries, and to examine and analyse archaeological artefacts such as Bronze Age pottery and a Pharaoh’s makeup.