The Upperpoint Companies consist of 2 separate legal entities operating in the security manufacturing and distribution markets. The distribution business comprises Norbain SD in the UK, Norbain Portugal and Reditron in South Africa, while the manufacturing business centres on Baxall Ltd. “Upperpoint has experienced sustained and rapid growth in its CCTV surveillance business,” said Alun John, CEO of Upperpoint Distribution. “Our strategy is to develop and manufacture products at the leading edge of technology. “This requires a considerable investment in development expenditure that represents approximately 10 per cent of our revenues. “We have decided to focus our future investments on our core distribution activity and I’m delighted to be able to pass control of the manufacturing business to members of its management team…” Meanwhile the management buyout team, led by Baxall MD Richard Law, said that as an independent entity the company will be in a position to continue and strengthen its trading relationships and at the same time pusj forward with growth and product innovation plans. “Our channel partners and customers will continue to receive the high standard of service and quality of product they have come to expect,” said Law. “Baxall looks forward to building on these standards and to the provision of new innovations in CCTV products.”