The two companies also announced development of the world’s first fully-compliant and unified card and reader solution for physical and IT access control. Through this strategic relationship, Indala is incorporating licensed CoreStreet Card-Connected™ technology in its FlexSmart™ range of contactless DX DESFire™ modules and readers. Under this strategic relationship, the readers will be available in CoreStreet-enabled infrastructure solutions from other CoreStreet partners and systems integrators. The modules will be available to OEMs who want to build products with CoreStreet’s Card-Connected technology for converged systems and ensure compliance with new Federal mandates. “CoreStreet and Indala share the same vision of security convergence and the same determination to make this a reality,” said Indala president Marc Freundlich. “The cooperation between Indala and Corestreet demonstrates that convergence between the physical and logical markets has moved to another level. We believe that the converged systems that result will mean better protection for employees, employers, and customers, and the critical information networks we all use.” For the last two years, CoreStreet’s validation technology has been deployed to support the global data networks of U.S. intelligence agencies and the military, including the Common Access Card program from the Department of Defense. The CAC program has been the largest convergence effort undertaken by the Federal government. “We are very pleased to be working closely with Indala, a company widely recognized as an innovator in access control,” said Phil Libin, president of CoreStreet. “With CoreStreet-enabled contactless DX DESFire modules and readers, other manufactures and integrators will be able to offer enterprise and government users worldwide a highly scalable, cost-effective solution for physical and logical access control.” CoreStreet-enabled products and services comply with government regulations, including the recent Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), which affects nearly all Federal employees and contractors. HSPD-12 is projected to reach up to 100 million people within the next ten years if the technical standard is also adopted by state and local government and private enterprise. The companies also announced that Indala has joined the CoreStreet Partner Program, which provides access to technology, SDKs and technical support, and support for market development.