LG IrisAccess 4000, an entirely new generation of the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platform has taken multi-factor authentication to a new level by integrating Indala’s FlexSmart reader design. The LG – Indala development project will result in the seamless integration of 13.56 MHz contactless smartcard technology with the LG IrisAccess 4000. This includes compatibility with ISO 15693, MIFARE®, and DESFire™ high frequency cards. LG customers will experience the flexibility, high performance and ease of use in a highly secure multi-factor identification solution. “Embedding the new Indala designed and built contactless reader will enhance security for applications from entry-level access control to enterprise ID Management. This flexibility will certainly appeal to potential LG IrisAccess users,” said Mohammed Murad, LG’s director of worldwide sales and alliances. “LG was the first to recognize that even robust authentication like iris recognition would need to co-exist with smartcards. We were the first in our market segment to make smartcard integration possible, and first to give our system card-issuing functionality right out of the box. Embedding FlexSmart technology on our platform affords real aesthetic appeal and, just as important, significant cost savings to integrators and installers over discrete solutions,” he added. Indala President, Marc Freundlich, noted that in addition to extending Indala’s range of solutions to include compatibility with iris recognition biometrics, “The partnership with LG represents a win on several levels for the customer. First, the enhanced performance that only FlexSmart can provide. Match on card is the fastest growing method of using biometrics. Transactions must be fast. FlexSmart technology is up to 30x faster than others. Second is LG’s card agnostic approach, which the FlexSmart technology readily accepts. One doesn’t have to be locked into one card supplier anymore. Finally there is Indala’s multi-platform flexibility. If one wishes to upgrade from MIFARE® to DESFire™ for instance, this can be accomplished in the field without replacing wall-mounted products and with minimal downtime. That’s a great solution for anyone.”