HSBC in Australia is the first bank in Australia to offer a Digipass to all its retail Internet customers free of charge. By taking advantage of the user-friendly features of the GO3 for Internet banking security, HSBC in Australia is looking to provide enhanced security and convenience to its customer base as a top priority. HSBC Group has plans to roll out VASCO’s Digipass to all retail internet banking clients in Asia. “We are honoured to welcome HSBC in Australia as a VASCO customer,” said Jan Valcke, VASCO’s President and COO. “VASCO’s Digipass GO3 is an extremely portable and easy to use two factor authentication device that provides users with a secure One-Time Password (OTP) which cannot be re-used by hackers. “We acknowledge HSBC in Australia groundbreaking decision to lead the battle for secure online banking in the region. VASCO will spare no effort to make this project a success.”