This combination creates a powerful Virtual Matrix and allows existing CCTV systems to benefit from the advanced features and flexibility of IP Video. The deal is part of an IndigoVision IP video solution and is available until 31 July 2006. ‘Control Center’ is a professional digital CCTV and alarm management software application that provides control, administration, recording, viewing and playback of live video and audio over IP networks. It links IndigoVision’s IP-based compression and network transmission technology with its Networked Video Recorders (NVRs) to provide a complete solution for digital CCTV. As IndigoVision’s IP Video technology is scaleable, the cost associated with expanding hardware matrix systems is overcome, making it very easy to add additional cameras in the future. The cost advantage and the ability to easily interface to existing analogue CCTV systems has meant that many end users have replaced their dedicated matrix systems with ‘Control Center’ solutions. This offer now makes it even easier to trade up to IP-Video. Migrating to IP-Video also provides access to features not available on analog CCTV systems, such as advanced analytics. Analytics is the processing of video images to detect such events as congestion, stolen objects, cars parked too long outside a building, people moving the wrong way through security checkpoints. IP-based analytics can be run in two modes: real time within the IP transmitter/receiver at the camera, and post-processing on any operator’s PC. The real time mode allows the system to automatically identify events as they occur. Post processing allows operators to run many different scenarios on recorded video, for example looking for cars parked for more than 2 minutes. These two modes use analytics to identify events as they occur, and also provide advanced search tools for operators to analyse previous situations.