The contract is for the first construction phase of a $440 million pipeline that will be used to transport gasoline and diesel/jet fuel 425 miles from El Paso, Texas, to Phoenix. According to Cecil Owens, chairman of Pacific Texas, the pipeline requires the best in security and communication technology for protection and Siemens is to be the exclusive provider of these technologies, along with maintenance and monitoring services. What Siemens does today may become the model for future pipeline projects, Owens says. Pipeline security will consist of fire detection, intelligent video with traditional CCTV, electronic access control, and intrusion detection, all programmed to prevent unwanted alarms. The CCTV system will utilize day/night and thermal cameras linked to public address systems so security officers can communicate with anyone who may breech the pipeline’s right-of-way. Monitoring will be implemented from Siemens monitoring station in Dallas, as well as two other operational command centers, each located at opposite ends of the pipeline.