The introduction of Intellex® IP provides double-framed capacity and twice the resolution of the current Intellex® system. By using IP cameras, video servers and digital video cameras, it transmits video over an IP network instead of via coaxial cables. However, analogue cameras can easily be incorporated into an Intellex® IP system by using a video encoder to convert the analogue signal to a digital signal. Intellex® IP is one-quarter the chassis size of the previous Intellex® system and meets the performance requirements of many higher end applications such as casinos, educational campuses, hospitals, large financial institutions and government facilities. The system combines multiplexing, alarm/event detection, audio, text and video recording with IP devices and will simultaneously display live video, playback video, audio and text, host multiple remote users, archive, search and more – all while recording multiple cameras. “Video surveillance is currently undergoing a digital revolution with IP technology as the market moves towards solutions that provide increased scalability, reduced infrastructure cost and extended accessibility – Intellex® IP provides this solution,” said David Lacey, ADT CCTV product manager. “Integrating seamlessly with Network Client™ and existing Intellex® systems, Intellex® IP is perfect for customers who need a highly reliable video management system with the flexibility and improved performance of IP.”