Built in response to retail customers’ escalating demand for greater visibility at the point of sale, the new three-megapixel product lets users see farther with greater clarity and in lower light. The increased precision enhances IPIX’s patented 360-degree technology, which enables multiple users to simultaneously view different areas from the same camera. The camera’s broad coverage, technical flexibility and durability addresses the heightened need for more advanced security solutions to serve the hundreds of thousands of retail outlets in the United States. “IPIX’s new three-megapixel CommandView camera offers the highest resolution 360-degree imaging technology on the market and provides a cost-effective solution for addressing security vulnerabilities in the commercial sector,” said CEO and President Clara Conti. “It effectively protects against employee and customer theft, which costs retailers more than $31 billion annually.” “We are confident that this application of IPIX’s technology will continue to meet the multiple security needs of our commercial customers, expand the tools available for protecting the homeland and enhance our company’s position in the marketplace,” Conti said. Additionally, CommandView cameras will expand IPIX’s arsenal of technology solutions for prosecuting acts of terrorism and sabotage at airports, mass transit systems, military facilities and other critical infrastructure. Bosch Security Systems release Abacus Evolution intruder alarm panel range.