The most significant of these new features is the Back up/Restore functions, which provides the ability to back-up configuration settings from the camera head and store them within the External Termination Unit (XTU). This allows for quick and easy replacement of either the camera head or the XTU without the need to manually re-programme all settings. This feature reduces down time on site if either a camera head or XTU is damaged. SOLARIS also boasts an optional 26x optical zoom lens, which compliments the existing18x version, with both options delivering remarkable low light capabilities. An Auto Flip function has been added, enabling the camera to track moving targets as they pass beneath the dome. This feature can easily be disabled/enabled as required. The SOLARIS dome camera now features enhanced pattern recording and can facilitate up to four programmable patterns, which compares to the single pattern previously offered. Each pattern tracks and records the camera’s manual movement, including zoom and focus, for a period of time determined by the operator. This can then be replayed either continuously or every time a pattern is manually recalled. Key control features (including pattern record) can be assigned a pre-set number for quick and easy recall and can be configured as part of an alarm scenario. More control protocol options are available with the new version of the dome camera, in addition to the existing on board options SOLARIS is now compatible with Philips and Vicon RS485 control protocols. Bewator Video Systems Specialist, Jon Hill, said: “As with all Bewator products, our innovative SOLARIS dome has been designed with both installers and end users in mind. We pride ourselves on offering our customers highly functional, flexible, reliable and scaleable products that are easily integrated with new and existing security systems.” SOLARIS is suitable for both internal and external use in a wide variety of applications, including town and city centres, airports, retail sites and commercial buildings.