The network ready PDR-3160 is simple to use and can be operated through the on-screen menu, front panel and fully operational IR remote control. It features real time display at 480 frames per second, with advanced image compression technology ensuring high quality resolution, and with a maximum of 640GBs of storage capacity. The user benefits from two hot swappable hard drives which can be easily replaced to increase storage without stopping the monitoring or recording of images. The unique portable USB drive further enhances the DVR, enabling the user download recorded images and upgrade firmware. Providing network connectivity via Internet Explorer or the supplied propriety software, management and security staff can view all live and recorded images from a remote location. Also, the additional benefit of the jog and shuttle feature provides a quick and intuitive way to search the recordings. With individual camera setup, users can define features, such as zoneable motion detection, scheduled recording, external alarm control and user authentication.