As part of the same effort a new comprehensive online resource will be created for industry, government and the general public. ”As government and private industry expand their use of RFID, privacy concerns have emerged that deserve a neutral forum for dialogue that includes stakeholders from government, private industry and the public,” says Dan Greenwood, an MIT lecturer and attorney. “We at MIT will provide that forum with support from HID, by inviting stakeholders to our campus and hosting a relevant Web site on our servers.” Content for the Web site will be developed by a steering committee comprised of MIT researchers and faculty alongside an industry advisory board. Advisory board members include Richard Varn, senior fellow of Center for Digital Government and Center for Digital Education; Daniel Combs, president of Global Identity Solutions; Jeff Staples, managing partner of Avisian Inc.; and Bill Newill, acting executive director with International Association for Identification Technologies. HID’s COO Steve Wagner says his firm welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with MIT. Wagner recognizes the need to balance privacy with growing RFID use across a variety of sectors. HID has developed a corporate privacy policy that governs the use of RFID.