The first dome camera with Videomesh transmission was installed at the beginning of January 2006. By April 2006, the municipaly plans to install other 11 cameras, creating the largest wireless mesh CCTV system in Europe. VideomeshTM 2200 is a wireless product with innovative “intelligent” transmission capabilities that are not present in any traditional Wi-Fi or HiperLAN devices. Based on advanced mesh networking algorithms, Videomesh technology is able to optimize the transmission through the optimal path, performing “intelligent” routing of packets in real time. Videomesh 2200 is the first wireless mesh product specifically designed for video-surveillance applications and it stands apart from any competing wireless product thanks to several advanced capabilities related to video-streaming. Videomesh 2200 strength is the advanced internal prioritisation and optimisation system, capable of detecting the type of packet transmitted (es. TCP, UDP, etc.) and the employed video-encoding standard (eg. MPEG4 I-frame, MEPG4 P-frame, M-JPEG). The wireless transmission system automatically optimises every packet transmission based on the packet type and characteristics. “This project proves Videomesh’s superiority compared to any other wireless product” declares Umberto Malesci, Fluidmesh president and founder. “The municipality of Como wanted to be able to easily move and reposition the cameras and the wireless transmitters to meet its changing needs in terms of security and video-control. No traditional Wi-Fi or Hiperlan product would be capable to meet this requirement. Videomesh is clearly providing unmatched flexibility”. Giovanni Fazio, head of City of Como IT department, agrees with Umberto Malesci. “This technology is absolutely innovative. It allows us to move the cameras depending on our needs creating dynamic wireless bridges. Moreover, in case one camera is not working, the others would still be able to keep streaming video by changing the wireless links in use,” he says. Andrea Orioli, chief engineer of WBS S.r.l., the engineering company hired by the City of Como to design the system tells the story behind the choice of using this technology. “The municipality of Como gave us a complex set of requirements because they needed to install cameras in two different areas of the city center: on the coast of the lake of Como and in the most central and luxurious street in town, via Vittorio Emanuele, he says and adds: “Our association with the Incubator of the Politecnico of Milan allowed us to create a close partnership with Fluidmesh Networks and to offer to the municipality of Como a solution that integrates state-of-the-art technologies. Our Videomesh-based CCTV system has an extremely low visual impact but it is clearly a step ahead of what we could have done with a standard Wi-Fi solution in terms of mobility, flexibility and reliability”.