Based in Waterbury, Conn., SyPixx manufactures software and hardware designed to enable existing analog CCTV systems to operate as part of an IP (Internet protocol) network. Cisco says SyPixx will allow the IP giant to offer video surveillance as part of a complete physical and information security system. “Cisco has already shown that an IP network can be a platform for helping to protect a company’s information and digital assets,” says Marthin De Beer, vice president of Cisco’s Emerging Market Technologies Group. “Through the acquisition of SyPixx, Cisco will begin to show how the network can also be a platform for enhancing the safety of people and the protection of physical assets.” SyPixx becomes part of a new business unit of Cisco’s Emerging Market Technologies Group devoted to physical security led by De Beer. The purchase of SyPixx is expected to close at the end of April. SyPixx includes analog to digital IP video camera encoders, digital IP to analog video monitor decoders, analog video transmission equipment, video recording, and management software and servers. Cisco hasn’t released further details of its plans for a new physical security group or whether it will rely on electronic security dealers and integrators, as is the norm with most traditional security manufacturers.