As network managers expand their remit, acting on decisions traditionally made by the telephone manager and security managers (e.g. deciding upon CCTV and video monitoring, access control and intruder systems), Network Managers are not only purchasing their IP cameras from many different sources, but they are also at a loss when it comes to buying all of the necessary peripherals. “If you take popular IP cameras such as those manufactured by Axis, Sony and Pixord, customers find that they can obtain them from a vast range of sources, but this is not the case when it comes to many related accessories such as housings, poles and power supplies,” says Gardiner’s Integrated Systems Product Manager, Ray Ashby. “The biggest criticism we received from the IT network sector was the general inability of suppliers to offer a full range of peripherals. With the increasingly widespread move to Converged Networks, (transporting data, video and voice over the same infrastructure), those working in the IT sector have made most progress with and derived most benefit from those suppliers that provide all of their product and advice needs from a single source – one that spans networks, CCTV, access control, even fire systems, PA and intruder alarms.”Aware of the development work then being carried out by some of the major security manufacturers, and recognising the emerging importance of the Ethernet network infrastructure, and TCP/IP in relation to all aspects of security, Gardiner Security established a dedicated Integrated Systems Division back in 2001.“Besides combining over 20 years of experience in the security industry with in-house expertise in network systems, the Integrated Systems Division offers access to a whole range of support services to an installation, such as full CAD facilities and system design,” says Ray Ashby.“We provide a totally independent product solution that is not restricted by manufacturer, giving access to technical support, on site surveys, demonstration facilities and training. On site delivery is available from any one of our UK branches. Equally important, our Integrated Systems team can offer them the expertise on working practices to complete the solution.”With the recent partnering of IP-CS (the first access control manufacturer that offers a TCP/IP and POE solution), for the first time now, integration of video surveillance with access control and IP telephony using 802.3af inline power switches on a single LAN infrastructure is possible.