“The contract can best be described as a breakthrough, now that Biosensor has launched a commercial product. Australian Customs has evaluated the BIOSENS system for over two years and has helped us with invaluable feed-back in the final design of the product.
“During the last test we were able to fulfil Australian Customs’ requirements and thus receive this important order. In addition to Australian Customs I would also like to forward my appreciation to my colleagues who have put in many extra hours of work in order to obtain this order”, says Carl Lundberg, CEO of Biosensor Applications.
The BIOSENS system will be delivered during the next coming months. Biosensor will also provide for training and start-up.
The development of the BIOSENS system (“the artificial dog nose”) started in Sweden in 1995 and is based on a unique combination of collection and analysis systems using cutting edge biotechnology sensors.
The BIOSENS-D drug detector has outstandingly high Probability of Detection (PoD) rates, and equally low False Alarm Rates (FAR) when it comes to detecting the most prevalent illegal drugs such as amphetamine, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy.
Other applications under development for the BIOSENS system are detection of explosives, mines and biochemical weapons. As of today 200 MSEK have been invested in development of the BISOSENS detection system.