Manchester-based Intelligent Perimeter Security was chosen to design a solution providing effective 24/7 monitoring of the remote site. The specification provided by Intelligent Perimeter Security included a digital video server and recording device, which was configured with external volumetric detection devices to push an alarm to the remote monitoring facility via a dedicated wireless data connection.
Wireless specialists Wavesight, using their latest wireless bridging solution – WaveSPRINT, provided the high security data link. With up to 54 Mbps of bandwidth available, the link was more than capable of streaming large packets of video and data over the 1Km distance, making it ideal for wireless CCTV applications such as this.
Installation has gone smoothly and the client monitoring the remote site is now able to view real-time, 25 fps video images and control fully functional dome cameras, whilst reviewing images stored on site all at the same time. Being wireless, the remote deployment was achieved far more quickly and cost effectively than traditional cable, with none of the normal disruptions. In terms of performance, the client has found it more than meets their expectations.
The Airbus site security controller commented, “The clarity and image resolution from the remote site is of such quality that it is hard to be convinced that there isn’t a direct cable connection between the two locations instead of a wireless link”.