The camera allows users to see the entire field of view on a single monitor. Specific areas of interest can then be selected with a single click of a mouse and the camera instantly pans, tilts and zooms to the designated area. The AXIS 212 PTZ’s compact design makes it suited for monitoring areas up to 150 square metres, such as shops and reception areas.
The AXIS 212 PTZ incorporates a high quality, three megapixel sensor and wide-angle lens that allows users to instantly zoom in on objects within 150 square metres. It provides simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 compression in order to optimise image quality and bandwidth efficiency. The AXIS 212 PTZ also features two-way audio, including a built-in microphone, and Power over Ethernet to run data and power over a single cable and reduce cabling installation costs. Eliminating the need for moving parts has also made this camera highly reliable.
The AXIS 212 PTZ features pre- and post-alarm image buffering, video motion detection, as well as scheduled and triggered event functionality with alarm notification. The network camera comes with a comprehensive set of security features such as multi-level password protection, IP address filtering and HTTPS encryption.
Steve Gorski, managing director for Axis Communications UK Ltd commented: “The AXIS 212 PTZ is unique in that it is the first PTZ camera that does not have moving parts. Users will be able to monitor the cameras entire field of view at the same time and select areas of interest for closer scrutiny. The introduction of this camera to our portfolio means that we are addressing the need for highly reliable PTZ network cameras at an affordable price point. I believe that these features will make this camera highly effective in the retail, hospitality and other front-of house-applications.”