Aegison and RAE will offer the first system to have a real-time superimposition of chemical and radiation sensor data on a video recording. The system was recently demonstrated at ISC West as well as the PSA-Tec Expo.
Collaboration with RAE will enable Aegison to provide security managers with “a tool that has not been previously available” said Bin Lu, president of Aegison. “RAE Systems’ toxic gas and radiation sensor data combined with real-time video will provide a new security management solution for many of our customers.”
Robert Chen, CEO of RAE Systems, says that his company is “pleased to be able to partner with a video recording supplier that can provide end-to-end solutions to both mobile and fixed security applications.”
Chen says he expects RAE to deliver security and safety solutions that can be incorporated with real-time sensor data while creating a visual record of the event.
Aegison and RAE Systems expect to deliver integrated sensor and video recording systems by mid-summer.