Lumenera’s new intelligent camera line will now include ObjectVideo OnBoard(TM) video analytics capabilities.
Known for the exceptional high-quality images their megapixel cameras produce, Lumenera’s new intelligent camera line are designed to dramatically improve detection/analysis of objects of interest and potential threats, while reducing false alarms for both government and commercial security applications.
“Bringing cameras to market that already incorporate video analytics will result in improved efficiencies and ultimately stronger security installations for customers,” said Brian Eckert, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ObjectVideo.
“By partnering with Lumenera, we will continue to meet the growing demand for intelligent video solutions with a superior product offering.”
ObjectVideo OnBoard is a perfect complement to the higher-quality images provided with Lumenera’s megapixel IP cameras. With extreme low-light capabilities and the benefit of 4-32X the image detail of NTSC, intelligent megapixel video greatly accelerates the assessment of and reaction to potential threats.
“Lumenera provides the sharpened image through which ObjectVideo can deliver real-time video analytics to first-responders, border agents, port officials, commercial and corporate security outfits and numerous other end users,” said Greg Bell, Lumenera Vice President of Business Development.

“ObjectVideo OnBoard is an important addition to Lumenera’s product portfolio.”