The SAY mobile DVR was chosen over many other products for its robust design, high temperature tolerance and fan less case design. Due to the extreme wether conditions that exist in NYC the requirement for such high tolerances were of the upmost importance. 
Another criteria for selection was the ability to “time sync” all DVR’s. Due to the “cannoning” effects in NYC the standard GPS time sync could not be used but the fact that the SAY MDVR units have built-in Network Time Protocol (NTP) that provides a time sync with an approved source to all DVR’s in the field was a winning blow that defeated the competition.
Although not designed for this particular purpose the SAY MDVR proved to out perform it competitors with its MPEG 4 image quality, full frame recording speed, audio recording on all channels, MIL SPEC case design  and heat, humidity & vibration tolerances.
All MDVR’s will be connected via broadband internet and will be monitored from a central location using the SAY remote software.