Entro Lite can be installed with one door to start with and can then be expanded with additional doors when needed. The possibility of adding more doors as and when required, makes the system flexible and cost efficient.

At the same time Entro Lite has many important features and is as user-friendly and functional as the larger access control system Bewator Entro, even with just one door installed.

Entro Lite suits apartment buildings where there is a need to get away from the problems of lost keys and pin-codes circulating as well as giving the tenants easy and secure access to the building.

Companies who need good access control can choose Entro Lite for their front door. With Entro Lite it is easy to give time-limited access to temporary staff or to make any other adjustments.

Entro Lite can help a small workshop, where the staff does not have the time to control customer entry. With Entro Lite this door can be time-controlled so that it may be open during office hours and locked at all other times including the lunch hour.

There are many advantages with Bewator Entro Lite, according to the manufacturer:

•Entro Lite can function as a single door solution, i.e. a stand alone installation. In this case, all the programming is done on the built-in key pad of the door controller.

•As a small system, Entro Lite can control up to eight doors. The system centrally handles all types of doors such as entry doors, inner doors, doors to a storage room or warehouse, garage doors etc.

•The Window based software makes programming and administration of cards and tags simple and efficient.

•All the programming is done on the PC which makes it very easy to adapt Entro Lite to the security requirements for a particular building, day or time.

•In the software there are several ways to control events by using different filters and search functions.

•It is easy to make print-outs of events and programmed information from the PC or to secure the information with back up files.

•There is a possibility to upgrade to the access system Bewator Entro which has a lot more advanced features and can handle more or less any number of doors.