Consisting of a team of highly qualified and experienced fire and security professionals and backed by manufacturers and suppliers of best-of-breed products and technologies across both industries, QESS will focus on advising and assisting its clients with choosing the best solution and products for the task.

“We are very excited about the launch of QESS and are dedicated to its success. We believe QESS is an innovative and revolutionary concept in the industry and we expect to have an office in every state of Australia by 2007”, says Ron de Vries, General Manager of QESS.

The object of the stores is to provide a central location for both the fire and security industry offering a wide range of high quality products.

“QESS stands for quality engineered systems solutions and the business has a unique wholesaler approach. It is pro-active and continues to source new and advanced products”.

Clients will be supplied with tailored-custom solutions taking their individual fire and security needs into account. The main features of the stores encompass an open-style showroom and a lounge area where consultants give installers guidance in choosing the best products for a given application.

The main objective of QESS is sharing its product knowledge and partnering its clients, empowering them to excel in their areas of expertise. An on-site education centre also gives customers the opportunity to receive regular industry related training sessions advised by practiced consultants. QESS says it will back its clients with both technical and after sales support.

Ron de Vries is confident about the success of QESS: “That’s because we understand our customers’ needs and we provide a supportive environment where our customers will get all their fire and security questions answered,” he says.