Security officers in the past have been permitted upon undertaking required training to purchase baton and handcuffs to use in the course of their duties.

If the law is changed this will see this process stopped and a security guard will be forced to have his own master licence and also be required to obtain a prohibited weapons permit to purchase batons and handcuffs.

This in itself places further imposts on licensed trained guards who will not be able to comply with the onerous conditions.

Master licence holders would be forced to hold a permit and supply guards with batons and handcuffs. The guard would be prohibited from purchasing there own unless they also held a master licence and prohibited weapons permit.

Contrary to the advice sent by the FIR to dealers no industry consultation has taken place. ISE were advised of the change via notification from a concerned member.

Further reading would indicate that the FIR has already written to the relevant bodies to amend the legislation.

ISE is against the changes as it clearly undermines the safety of security guards. ISE will be pursuing this matter on behalf of its members.