TDSi will work based on Fujitsu PalmSecure technology todevelop the security product for SECOM to integrate into a complete securityservice offerings which will be made available directly at end user level.Mike Nelson; General Manager Sales Operations, FujitsuEurope Ltd. says “We hope that through leveraging on all partiesexpertise in the security market, their knowledge and success, combined withthe help of TDSi who are such a strong player in the access control market,that we can position our Biometric solution as the benchmark access controlsystem in the market.”The PalmSecure solution offers maximum security as eachindividual’s vein pattern is different so assuming a false identity isimpossible, maximum precision with impressively low false acceptance rates and falserejection rates as well as hygienic handling.PalmSecure can be used to provide access control tobuildings and networks as well as PCs and can also be applied to a whole rangeof vertical markets including healthcare, banking, government and publictransport.