The Longitude IP Access Control (IPAC) is an open, software-based access control solution with features including alarm monitoring, graphical maps, automation, reporting, photo ID badge creation, time and attendance, visitor logging, and PLC.  The unified iSOC V5 combines Longitude IPAC, Latitude Network Video Management (NVMS), video analytics capability, as well as other powerful management modules. iSOC V5 is the only open standards, IP-based security management center that unifies all video, audio, data, access control, trend analysis and alarm management functionality into one enterprise command and control center.  With iSOC V5, there is a common operational view that enables the operator to capture, manage, analyze, integrate and then act on previously unorganized and overly complex data—resulting in improved reaction time, enhanced operator productivity and reduced corporate loss. “This unified offering provides a total software-based security solution that clearly raises the bar with competing network video and access control providers,” said Eli Gorovici, DVTel president and CEO.  “Longitude is a full-featured, enterprise level access control system that is hardware agnostic, so it can take over just about any legacy access control system.  Longitude IPAC utilizes multi-vendor readers and panels including the new HID VertX line of IP products. With DVTel, the end user is no longer locked into proprietary access control hardware and that’s a significant advantage for our customers.”