The Precise Biometrics’ solution means that personal privacy will be maintained, in that the temporarily stored fingerprints are deleted once they have been used. Passengers will leave their fingerprints in Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint reader at the baggage check-in, where the fingerprints are temporarily stored.  At boarding passengers will provide a new fingerprint, which is then compared (matched) against the temporarily stored print. The procedure verifies that the person who handed in the baggage is the same person boarding the plane.  The introduction of fingerprint checks is due to the Civil Aviation Administration’s tightened security requirements for domestic flights. Precise Biometrics won the procurement in competition with several other companies. “By using biometrics we can make traveling more convenient for our passengers. The only requirement at boarding is the passenger’s finger; no further ID-document is needed. We kill 2 birds with one stone since this technology also means that we meet demands from authorities.  “Precise Biometrics’ biometric technology is established and we have previously performed tests of the company’s technology with good results”, says Peter Söderlund, Vice President, Product Concepts, SAS. Airlines are obliged to have a system that guarantees that the person who checks in the baggage on an airline is also on the plane.