Digilant is an intelligent portable video security camera system designed to connect directly to existing alarm systems, providing a less expensive alternative to CCTV and greater clarity of still images. The Digilant’s ultra low power video processing technology, also enables it to operate as a surveillance camera for up to nine weeks on one small internal battery. This opens up thousands of different applications across many fields.The Clipsal distribution deal is exclusive to the electrical wholesale industry as well as their System Integrator Network. David Hill, founder of Moreton Bay Systems, said “Our goal is to revolutionise the home and small business security market by offering a low cost upgrade for alarm systems and this agreement with Clipsal is a gratifying endorsement of our new Digilant technology.”Home automation is the new technology frontier and Clipsal is a world leader in this market. By blending our digital camera technology with Clipsal’s C-Bus automation systems, consumers finally gain access to affordable video security for greater peace of mind. We feel very excited to be working with such a large and successful technology company.”Don Brooks, Digilant product manager at Clipsal, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to grow our security offering with a unique Australian technology–there’s nothing that really comes near it. Digilant offers an up-sell opportunity to our channel of electrical wholesalers and contractors, as well as Clipsal System Integrators who deliver building automation.””The camera is great for commercial use and works in the domestic situation as well,” Don said. “We’ve been bouncing it off integrators and they’ve been coming up with some great ideas for applications. For instance, because of its portability and cost effective ‘no wires’ installation, businesses such as large retailers can use the product to complement their existing CCTV by shadowing high risk goods on the move. High resolution JPEG images from the camera mean that retailers get very distinct still images of perpetrators, which are better for getting convictions.”So Digilant suits areas where you have a high risk for a short period”, added Don. “One of our integrators is trialling Digilant with builders during construction phase. The camera can be left on site during the fitting out stage to capture clear images of any thieves or vandals. “It is also a boon for the home security market which demands low cost and flexibility. Up until now, the cost of recorded CCTV has put security video out of reach of the average householder. “Now installers can offer low cost video technology to more homes, to capture digital still images of intruders. Digilant can easily and affordably be installed in just one area, moved from room to room by the home owner to follow high risk items, or have it connected to one of our Homesafe security panels. It can also be used to protect boats, caravans, rental properties and sheds.”