Baxall manufactures some of the World’s leading CCTV cameras and has a large range of DVR, Matrix, IP and Telemetry products that are also made in their factory located in the UK. Baxall UK sells CCTV products to its partners in over 80 countries world wide and has several long term global partners that continually develop leading edge products in conjunction with the Baxall R&D team at its factory in the UK. The Baxall Australia business commenced not much more than a year ago and has already made significant inroads in the market in Australia. The business distributes a vast range of other CCTV products, some built to Baxall’s specifications and other products from the world’s leading manufacturers. Simmons says his role will be to introduce new customers to the vast range of equipment in Baxall’s range and to help them grow the CCTV segment of their business both in revenue and profit. You can call Cliff on 0420 308 823 or email him on