“Toshiba and Cernium jointly now offer to the marketplace integrated security systems solutions powered by Toshiba’s superb IP camera technology and Cernium’s dynamic software that provides much more effective and precise video surveillance information to maximize the value of each of our companies’ hardware and software components,” says Sergio Collazo, national sales & marketing manager with Toshiba.  The objective is to create a software solution that will readily identify behavioral patterns hereto dependent on security personnel. The result will be software capable of identifying specific behavioral patterns, such as a crowd forming or a package left behind.  The new Application Programming Interface (API) module jointly developed by Toshiba and Cernium addresses the need to integrate these technologies so that video surveillance, recording, storage, and search/playback utilities become more dynamic for those who use these systems on an everyday basis.  “This brings video surveillance information into a more easy-to-use, management-effective, fully integrated system with superior capabilities,” says Toshiba’s Collazo. “This is an important milestone for Cernium and Toshiba, and our customers, and the distributors, integrators and dealers who have the confidence in us and recommend our products.”  “Cernium leads the commercial video analytics market because we offer comprehensive solutions that flexibly support the reality of today’s ever-changing threat environment. Cernium’s advanced video analytics together with Toshiba cameras provide our customers with a compelling platform for deploying this essential capability,” says Cernium President and CEO Craig Chambers.