Based on a 2Mpixel 1/3 type CMOS image sensor, theEVI-HD1 is designed for applications in videoconferencing, and environmentsthat require remote shooting such as distance learning and corporate training.The EVI-HD1 features Sony’s remote PTZ technology, whichprovides a maximum pan speed of 300 degrees per second through ±100 degrees,maximum tilt speed of 125 degrees per second through ±25 degrees, andsix-position preset. The camera will be used by both commercial productmanufacturers and VARs looking to implement and retrofit high-definition videosystems.Featuring high-speed RS-232 interface and VISCA protocolfor compatibility, the EVI-HD1 can output video in a total of 14 differentformats (eight HD and six Standard Definition (SD)), with choices including720p or 1080i, 50Hz PAL or 60Hz NTSC, composite (SD) or component (HD) video. Compatibility is also provided with the SMPTE 292M high-definition serialdigital interface (HD-SDI), particularly useful for long-range transmission.The EVI-HD1 provides a high-quality image which isfurther enhanced by the inclusion of 10x optical zoom (up to 40x includingdigital), a wide-angle lens providing a viewing angle of up to 70 degrees and ahigh performance ‘minimum object distance’ of 350mm (at maximum opticalzoom). The device also makes use of Sony’s auto-focus, auto-exposure andauto-white balance technologies to produce superior images with less externalintervention.Weighing around 2kg and measuring 259 x 150 x 169mm, the EVI-HD1 can beused across the 0 to 40°C temperature range, and requires a single 12V powersupply.