These numbers are far more impactful when you take into account Baxall Australia was only established as a direct seller and distributor of surveillance and monitoring equipment in Port Melbourne in March 2005 – just 2 year’s ago. The company benefited from a solid product lineup basedlargely on Baxall UK’s catalogue but given the rapid technological shifts inthe market and a tendency for buyers to either focus on a handful of flagshipmanufacturers or to bottom-feed on cheap imports, the local company’sperformance has been genuinely outstanding. While there was an initial connection to Baxall UK, in June of 2006 Perth-based security detection systems manufacturer, QRSciences, announced its intention to acquire the business and key assets of Baxall Australia Pty Ltd from Baxall UK. According to Baxall Australia’s Paul Thompson, the acquisition is extremely beneficial to both QRS and Baxall Australia.“The acquisition provides QRS with an established sales team as well as access to the vibrant and growing $A750+ million per year Australian electronic security products market. It’s a connection that has already provided Baxall with the funding and support to enable it to continue its already rapid growth in the Australian CCTV market,” Thompson says. The acquisition of the Baxall Australia distribution operation by QRSciences was completed in February 2007 and completion of the deal has seen the business rapidly emerge with a heightened and more aggressive approach to the market. An example of Baxall’s growing confidence is the establishment of a new Transmission Systems Division of Baxall Distribution. This division has been formed to provide focus and specialisation in the rapidly growing video and data Networking and transmission market, and is headed by national sales manager Michael Siccita. Along with Simon Vagg and Jourdan Garde, Siccita recently left Hills Transmissions Systems to help fast track the expansion of the new Baxall business division. Baxall’s rapid success has been fuelled in no small part by a committed team with many decades of local and international CCTV industry experience. Riding on the back of this experience, Baxall’s people have rapidly established a reputation for quality and reliability supplying products and systems to major clients. “A cross-section of Baxall customers includes Department of Public Worksand Corrective Services, NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, VIC Roads, Caltex,Westpac, Department of Education and Workplace Relations, The Federal Attorney Generals Department, Parliament House Canberra, the Woolworths Group and Westfield Shopping Centres,” says Thompson.