Pelco’s Camclosure IS Series incorporates Pixim’s Orcachipset into small, versatile enclosures to deliver wide dynamic range foraccurate color representation and progressive scan video capture with aDay/Night option. Pixim’s technology is helping Pelco address videosurveillance applications where color accuracy is critical, as well as forchallenging lighting conditions, such as glare, direct sunlight, reflections,and strong backlight.Pelco’s IS90 series for indoor applications has twoenclosures that can be mounted directly to, or recessed into, a ceiling orwall, with a three-axis positioning system capable of 360 degrees of tilt androtation. Pelco’s rugged mini-dome series for outdoor installationsincludes the IS110 surface mount enclosure with pendant adapter option and the IS150 suspended or recessed ceiling mount enclosure for medium-securityapplications that are subject to vandalism. DPS technology’s image consistency and accuracy overcomestypical limitations of existing analog CCD sensors, which have troubleproducing positive subject identification caused by image blooming and smear,as well as limited color fidelity.The DPS image sensor converts light to a digital signalat each pixel, enabling each pixel to have independent, optimized exposuretimes to deliver the highest image quality and color accuracy. “Pelco’s extensive use of Pixim’s chipset technology intheir mainstream Camclosure IS Series is a strong endorsement of our product’s broad value proposition in the video security market,” comments John Monti, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Pixim. “Pixim’s per-pixel imaging technology provides Pelco with excellentimage quality and color rendition for their industry leading camera line-up.”