NiceVision Net offers an enterprise class, scalable IP video solution. It offers the flexibility to be tailored to fit any customer need, whether as an open solution to be fully integrated with a variety of third party edge devices and security management applications, or as a complete, end to end offering. NiceVision Net enables unprecedented reliability. Its high availability architecture, supported by unique features, such as patent pending zero points of failure encoder redundancy, ensures non-stop surveillance under any condition for mission critical applications.NiceVision ControlCenter provides advanced real time event management, enhanced investigation tools, and is scalable to support large multi-user, multi-sites environments. The virtual matrix capability provides a network based alternative to an analog matrix, improving total cost of ownership and enhancing control room management capabilities. NiceVision ControlCenter seamlessly manages all other NiceVision solutions, enabling users to manage hybrid architectures with a smooth migration path to a full IP architecture.”NICE security solutions are being selected by more and more public authorities and private entities, seeking to ensure citizen safety and security.” says Israel Livnat, president of NICE security group.”With security personnel increasingly requiring their digital video surveillance data to be run on IP-based networks, NICE has leveraged its domain expertise in capturing and analyzing IP data and digital video to offer NiceVision Net to support and enhance our proactive approach to prevent, detect, respond/resolve, recover, investigate, and improve securityoperations.”