This program enables partners to provide multivendor, multiprotocol video surveillance recording, monitoring and virtual matrix switch solutions using a diverse set of Cisco solutions, including Cisco Catalyst switches, Cisco routers and a range of Cisco video surveillance Internet protocol gateways, service platforms and stream manager software. Together, these solutions can integrate with, displace or forgo video surveillance transmission, matrix switch and distribution amp products historically used to connect cameras to security operation centers and various recording devices. “Physical security solutions are becoming more network-centric, and ADT has invested in the infrastructure and training to deploy these complex solutions,” says President of ADT North America John Koch. “Cisco certification validates our capabilities and reinforces our leadership in security integration.” To qualify for Cisco PhySec ATP status, ADT had to meet a number of requirements, from having an experienced physical security practice andfulfilling specific job responsibilities to achieving Cisco Express FoundationSpecialization and a fully functional Cisco Physical Security lab.