The cameras produce pictures of the high quality, even under variable lighting conditions, including options for day-night and low and mains powered use. The cameras have been designed with ease of installation in mind, featuring an all in one lens-camera-housing-bracket, with the zoom lens (up to 22x optical zoom) already connected and back focused. The outdoor models have the camera with lens encased in an IP66 approved watertight housing which includes an internal heater, with even the mounting bracket and sun protection cover included.For day-night applications the CCAS1415 models ensure optimal picture quality, whatever the lighting conditions during the day, and when used with infrared lighting, providing crisp monochrome images at night. There is also no need for operator intervention to switch from day to night mode – once the switchover light level is set, this occurs automatically. A logical, on-screen display (OSD) function enables programming of the cameras’ many features and settings, including white balance, light settings, back-light compensation, line-lock synchronisation and dynamic noise reduction. Specific text can be established for each camera and overlaid in the image to enable the operator to quickly recognise which picture a camera is showing. Programming is done either through the camera’s OSD or remotely via an integrated RS485 interface. The Siemens Sistore range of digital recording and transmission systems can be used to control the zoom lens of the camera, again via the RS485 interface. With the addition of CKA keyboard, perhaps with a matrix switcher or digital recorder, control is also possible for the 22x optical and 11x digital zoom function.