JUST released by Pacific Communications is a range of DVRs that give installers and end users an answer to just about every challenge they might face when building management and recording solutions for analog and IP camera networks. The range combines economy, performance and flexible operation.PDR-410The baby of the family is the PDR-410, a DVR solution designed to offer the highest possible performance for the most competitive possible price. PDR-410 is a 4-channel PAL DVR that gets off on the right foot thanks to a bullet-proof embedded Linux operating system. It offers a range of features from 25ips duplex recording and playback at CIF, fast USB port for storage of still images or event recordings, motion detection and encryption. The PDR-410 comes standard with a 250GB HDD and this would be ideal for most smaller applications. Larger HDDs are available to suit other applications. All the features you’d expect from a unit like this are there, from a 10/100 Ethernet port, to a capable and easy to manage integral head end offering all the usual monitoring and search functionalities.PDR-800/1600Pacific Communications’ people describe the PDR-800/1600 as a Smart Digital Recorder. This 8 or 16-input recorder is designed specifically to offer the best possible performance in networked digital video surveillance applications.There’s an enhanced MPEG4 codec, digital zoom for both live and playback modes, enhanced event and pre-event management, full Internet access for monitoring and management of live and recorded video via MS Explorer. In keeping with its WAN-based lifestyle, the PDR-800/1600 has a recording at playback rate of 100ips at CIF in duplex. Other features of the system include that embedded Linux operating system, POS and ATM interface, 10/100 Ethernet interface, 8 or 16 alarm inputs, a single 250HDD standard with 2 extra HDDs optional. Secondary storage options include a built-in CD-RW drive, and a USB hard disk drive, CD-RW drive or flash drive. PDR-16LX-RTNext is line is the PDR-16-LX-RT, a seriously powerful video recording solution for high security applications. There are 16 inputs, a recording and playback rate of 400ips duplex at CIF resolution, MPEG4 ASP compression and mirrored storage and archiving for protection against unexpected data loss.The PDR-16LX-RT has an embedded Linux operating system, enhanced motion detection, triplex functionality (monitoring, recording and playback), 2-way communications, built-in CD-RW drive and infrared remote control. Primary storage is a 250GB HDD with 2 optional HDDs, and there’s an ultra-wide SCSI interface with a built-in CD-RW drive, USB hard disk drive, CD-RW drive or flash drive providing secondary storage options. PDR-16LX-RT has 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, 16 alarm inputs, 4 video inputs (1 output) and a range of monitor outputs including 1 BNC composite, 1 Y/C SVHS, 1 DB15 VGA and 4 BNC spot composite monitors. PDR-Platinum-D1Next in the family is the PDR-Platinum-D1. Obviously that D1 designation in the title relates to D1 resolution – that’s 720 x 576 pixels – strong performance for a big unit like this one. Platinum is proof positive that the latest breed of digital video recorders is relying on impressive performance numbers to make sales – it’s not just about economy. With 16 inputs, Platinum offers 400ips at half D1 and 200ips and D1. There’s the same embedded Linux operating system and there are 4 hot-swappable SATA HDDs – you get one bay filled with a 250GB HDD and 3spares. Operation is pentaplex. There’s recording, monitoring, playback, network and backup with reduction in performance, as well as 2-way audio comms. Additional features include things like built-in DVD-RW drive, video blind detection to pick up camera masking or tampering, disk mirroring and infrared remote control.You get 16 alarm inputs, 2 RS232C serial ports, 2 RS485 serial ports, 1 Ultra2 SCSI interface and 3 USB 2.0 ports. Enhancing the unit’s flexibility there’s POS interface and ATM interface.PDR32-RMT-HYBPacific Communications latest and greatest is the PDR32-RMT-HYB, a big 32-input hybrid unit with 16 analogue looping inputs that’s got some serious horsepower. This solution is designed as a bridge between full digital and existing analog systems and it affords the ability to use local or remote IP cameras, or local analogue cameras in a single management and recordingsolution. The system uses TCP/IP protocol with flow control technology to enhance data transmission reliability on the network side. It features covert camera, object tracker, colour control, video blind detect, video flare detect and event alert. There’s also motion detection and panoramic playback. Display and recording speeds are 100ips for analogue inputs and 100ips for network inputs, there are 32 alarm inputs, POS and ATM interfaces, one 250GB HDD standard plus 6 extra HDDs. You also get 6 USB ports, a CD-RW drive as standard with the option of a DVD-RW drive and SCSI interface.