The forecast was recently released by Proplan, a division of United Kingdom-based i&i, a global information business providing marketintelligence and benchmarking services to the intelligent building controlsindustry. In the past 5 years, electronic security sales in China have experienced an annual growth of 29 percent. CCTV surveillance systems sales have been even greater, surpassing access control and intrusion systems sales by a wide margin, according to the new forecast. Proplan says it has been charting the performance of the China market since 1994 and that its research indicates China has far outstripped any other market of size during the past 15 years. The main demand drivers in China are increased output of new building construction, particularly in the commercial and industrial sectors, and rising fear of crime, according to Proplan. The Chinese government introduced a new 5-year plan recently to implement public security programs, which has also provided a boost in sales, particularly for video surveillance and intrusion systems.