IT’S impossible not to get carried away with the features of Panasonic’s Super Dynamic III cameras and now the technology has been released as an IP66 rated speed dome the applications of the mighty Panasonic dome have been expanded further still.Panasonic engineers superb electronics and the new WV-CW480 vandal proof speed dome, distributed locally by Rexel Video, highlights all the company’s nous. You start out with features like pixel-based 160x dynamic range which uses Area Free Natural Colour Contrast Image Correction.Other neat features include auto image stabilization, and video motion detection. The camera has strong horizontal resolution of 540 lines and minimum scene illumination numbers of 0.6 lux in colour and 0.08 lux in black and white. The manufacturer’s specifications don’t mention thorny things like the presence of IRE or F-stop numbers in relation to minimum scene illumination though these figures were realized using clear domes rather thanthe more common smoked type.The WV-CW480 also has Day/Night switching as well as scene change detection, with an alarm sent when the lens is masked. Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction sees double processing of 20DNR and 30DNR to reduce unwanted images like care headlight which are seen in 30DNR. Other features include video motion detection , 2x varifocial lens, auto backfocus, removeable dome attachments and a 3-way hinge. The guts of SDIII is a double speed CCD with advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that captures the dark and bright portions of an image separately, and then recombines the two images into a single viewable image frame. The addition of advanced digital contrast correction further optimizes the composite image’s gray scale for refined definition and balance. The auto back focus technology automatically adjusts the CCD position when a camera changes from colour to B/W mode and vice versa, always ensuring the clearest and sharpest image possible. This feature eliminates the blurring when the IR cut filter is removed.Intelligent processing technologies were developed to realize many Super Dynamic III features. A newly developed DSP extracts the Motion Vector, Motion Area, Edge/Frame Difference and Image Data Value, which are analyzed in the proprietary microprocessor that performs complex processing tasks. These operations incorporate Auto Image Stabilizer, Scene Change Detection and Auto Tracking.As part of the development brief, Super Dynamic III cameras are designed to reveal the smallest detail with natural colour reproduction. The combination of optimized optical filtering and wide band digital signal processing developed for the Super Dynamic III delivers colour images with 540 lines, and B/W images with 570 lines of horizontal resolution. The digital colour circuitry in the newly developed DSP processes colour at a finer level of detail, enabling the natural reproduction of even poorly illuminated or pale colours.Along with its powerful optical capabilities, this camera is tough. The IP66 rating (from the International Electrotechnical Commission) means that the WV-CW480 is protected against the ingress of dust and high pressure water jets from any direction. There are special waterproof seals that not only allow installers to work normally they also deny ingress of water under extreme conditions. But there’s more to this camera than the ability to withstand general environmental hazards. The camera has a die-cast aluminium body that’s covered with 3.5mm thick polycarbonate. The lens is spring-mounted andboth camera and lens are heavily protected from any external shock they mayencounter.Panasonic describes the auto focus function as Anti-Shock Auto Back Focus and says the design and construction of the mechanism has been miniaturized to provide greater accuracy and shock resistance. Inside the camera there’s an electrolysis dehumidification device. It works because there’s a special electrolyte film that dissolves humidity inside the camera into hydrogen ions and oxygen molecules. The hydrogen ions are discharged out of the camera as vapour.Meanwhile, an optional heater adjusts temperature to increase operating range, especially at the low end. This new dome can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees C. Features of Super Dynamic III include: * Pixel-based 160x dynamic range* Auto back focus * Intelligent processing* 540-line horizontal resolution* 0.5 lux minimum illumination* New double-speed CCD* Scene Change detection* Auto tracking* Auto image stabilizer* IP-66 rating* Die cast aluminium body* Spring mounted lens