Axis says the security market is showing increasing
interest in network video products for various security installations. In the
first half of 2007, the company increased its sales in the video product
segment by more than 40 per cent.

According to Axis, the market for network video products
is also growing at about 40 per cent annually as earlier closed-circuit systems
are giving way to open systems that can be fully integrated. Scalability,
remote access, and cost effectiveness are some of the benefits of installing a
network video system.

“The huge interest in network video products and our
position as the technical and market leader have greatly contributed to the
development of the company the last years. We are proud of having achieved one
million supplied cameras and thankful for the trust our customers have shown in
us,” says Ray Mauritsson, CEO of Axis Communications.

“The transition from analog to digital technology is
continuing in all customer segments and our customer projects are increasing in
scope. This is true of installations in the train stations, schools, stores and
airports worldwide,” Ray Mauritsson says.

Since the launch of the first network camera, the Axis
200, in 1996, Axis Communications has introduced a large number of network
cameras and currently has the markets broadest product portfolio. Today,
development focuses on solutions such as intelligent video, which offers the
possibility to recognize unexpected events or movement.

The company devotes considerable resources to research and development –
last year, Axis invested SEK 158 million in its 160-strong R&D effort.